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Death eater Mask Harry Potter Bronze Halloween wizard Men Masquerade Cosplay Custom Customized metal carnival

The Death Eaters are a group of wizards and witches who serve the Dark Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series of books written by Joan Rowling. They are the adherents of a magical Nazi movement that seeks to establish pureblooded domination of the magical world, subjugating the Muggleborn (those without magical ancestors) and persecuting all who stand in their way.
The Death Eaters' masks have several meanings. First, they serve as a symbol of identification for members of the group. The masks present an extremely thin face without any identifying features, which helps Death Eaters maintain anonymity and conceal their identity.
Secondly, the masks are part of the Death Eaters' oath ritual to Voldemort. When new members join the group, they must wear a mask and recite a special oath of allegiance to Lord Voldemort. This ritual strengthens the attachment and loyalty of the Death Eaters and emphasizes their commitment to follow the leader.
The third meaning of the masks has to do with dark magic and the evil that pervades their image. The masks symbolize the loss of identity and the moral limits of the Death Eaters. They help to create an atmosphere of fear and subjugation, as well as a reminder that they deny individuality and replace it with loyalty to Lord Voldemort and his ideology.
Thus, the Death Eaters masks embody the symbolism of their anonymity, the ritual of oath and denial of identity, and also serve as a sign of distinction and fear of this sinister group.

This mask is handmade from plastic, primed, painted with acrylic, coated with acrylic varnish.
Can be used as a mask and as for home decoration.
For comfortable wearing, there is a porolon foam.
The elastic band on the back of the head is adjustable for any size of the head.
Has 2 attachment points securely fix the mask on the face.
The mask shimmers in colored lighting and glows in ultraviolet light if you order fluorescent coloring variation.
The mask fits the entire face,ears and covers a third of the head from above.

You can order a whole costume for this look to your individual measurements in my store!

Recommendations for use:
-do not hit, do not drop;
-at high temperatures will melt the extra flexible and can be deformed;
-carefully cleaned with a damp sponge, do not use any kind of solvent.

If You want another color combination or have any questions, contact!
Death eater Mask Harry Potter Bronze Halloween wizard Men Masquerade Cosplay Custom Customized metal carnival
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